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"Civil society and the development of Polish unmanned combat air systems"


We mobilise civil society with the aim of ensuring the respect for law, democratic principles and international solidarity in the course of development of unmanned combat air systems by Polish Army. We produce research, we engage, and we campaign!

We received a grant, and we ask your support to contribute a missing portion of the budget.
We need just 8.600 PLN (about 2.500 USD or 2.000 EUR) - against 2.6 billion PLN planned for the acquisition of unmanned vehicles systems for the Polish Army until 2022...

We have been running the Project since mid-September 2014, in the follow up to previous research and speeches at conferences and seminars. In the Project, we want to work out, in two phases, a public stance of a coalition of civil organisations on the planned purchase and use of unmanned combat air systems by Poland. The common statement will take into account human rights, ethical considerations, principles of democracy and international solidarity. In this way, the priority program of acquisitions of the Polish armed forces will finally meet a constructive response from the civil graf4m-128x300

We implement the Project thanks to a grant received in the framework of the Citizens for Democracy programme, within EEA Grants (, and in partnership with the Polish Red Cross, the Norwegian Peace Association Fredslaget, and the Polish Debating Foundation.

We have already successfully convened a coalition of 13 social organisations (12 Polish ones and the Norwegian partner). In April 2015, the coalition issued its first official statement addressed to the Polish Government ( Further works on another statement are ongoing, and the ICLHR Initiative is supporting them in particular by coordinating a team of experts in different disciplines of knowledge. 

The Project embraces also:

  • a social campaign, including social advertisements, and a website containing information graphics and other resources,
  • a debating competition for students,
  • a training for journalists,
  • a knowledge database,
  • an academic curriculum,
  • a toolkit for grassroot initiatives,
  • a collection of articles (forthcoming January 2016),
  • an essay competition,
  • research, and a final conference (January 2016).


Through these activities and results, we raise awareness, initate a public discussion on previously neglected legal, ethical and social issues, and we seek to influence the activities of the Polish Government.

The products of the Project are released free of charge and publicly, mostly on-line. The collection of articles is going to contain abstracts in English language.

Every penny you donate makes a difference. For example:


  • 8 PLN is the cost of several hundreds of sponsored announcements on a social media platform – thanks to which we inform the public debate, inspire everyone to monitor the government, and encourage to participate in the Project!
  • 80 PLN allows us to cover the cost of participation of an NGO in our coalition's meeting – their voice is important and reflected in the ultimate text of the coalition's statements!
  • 800 PLN allows us to pay for an article in our publication that we will make freely available in the internet in January 2016 – we invite Polish experts to analyse different problems and questions!


We will allocate the donations also to the institutional growth of our organisation, which is very much facilitated thanks to the wealth of experience we are gathering in the Project. We ask your support to pay for an audit of management and follow-up advice from the auditor, and for a training in negotiations and presentations.

In order to learn more about the Project, do not hesitate contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (merits) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (administrative issues).

Please be assured that we want to maintain high ethical standards in us accepting donations, and we seek guidance in such documents as "Guidelines for Ethical Funding" adopted by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law.

Please donate by bank transfer (wire transfer) directly to our dedicated bank account:
ICLHR Initiative
Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.
IBAN: PL30175000120000000023215737

We recommend typing "Statutory activities: drones & institutional development" in the title field of the transfer.

Last but not least, we encourage you to share with us any opinion or documents related to the Project!

Thank you for your interest! We will send you a thank you letter for your donations, and, with regards to more generous donations, express our gratitude also on our webpage and in the Project publication. We hope to send many copies of the book to our supporters, too!

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