Unmanned vehicles & law

Fundusze EOG logoAs of 15 September 2014, a part of our activities in this area is conducted within a Project titled "Civil society and the development of Polish unmanned combat air systems" (original Polish title: “Społeczeństwo obywatelskie wobec rozwoju polskich bojowych bezzałogowców").


Within this 18-month long Project, we want to work out, in two phases, a public stance of a coalition of civil organisations on the planned purchase and use of unmanned combat air systems by Poland. The coalition will present to the decision-makers and the general public their opinion, taking into account human rights, ethical considerations, principles of democracy or international solidarity. In this way, the priority program of acquisitions of the Polish armed forces will finally meet a response from the civil society.

We implement the Project thanks to a grant received in the framework of the Citizens for Democracy programme, within EEA Grants (www.eeagrants.org), and in partnership with the Polish Red Cross, the Norwegian Peace Association Fredslaget, and the Polish Debating Foundation.

We have already successfully convened a coalition of 13 social organisations (12 Polish ones and the Norwegian partner). In April 2015, the coalition issued its first official statement addressed to the Polish Government. Further works on another statement are ongoing, and the ICLHR Initiative is supporting them in particular by coordinating a team of experts in different disciplines of knowledge.

The Project embraces also:

  • a social campaign, including social advertisements, and a website containing information graphics and other resources,
  • a debating competition for students,
  • a training for journalists,
  • a knowledge database,
  • an academic curriculum,
  • a toolkit for grassroot initiatives,
  • a collection of articles (forthcoming January 2016),
  • an essay competition,
  • research, and a final conference (January 2016).

Through these activities and results, we raise awareness, initate a public discussion on previously neglected legal, ethical and social issues, and we seek to influence the activities of the Polish Government.

The products of the Project are released free of charge and publicly, mostly on-line. The collection of articles is going to contain abstracts in English language.

More information can be found:

Please do not hesitate contacting us to collect more details about the Project, and all the more to suggest actions, encourage to co-operate with you, or to share some information.


Past events:

  • Conference on IHL, new technologies, and privatisation of warfare, 6 June 2014, Gdynia, Poland

This important event regularly draws to Gdynia representatives of the academia and practitioners, and anyone interested in IHL. The main organiser was the Faculty of Command and Naval Operations of the Academy, and ICLHR Initiative has become a co-organiser, together with the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw and the University of Gdańsk - Faculty of Law and Administration. Members of the Students' Association of Maritime Security will provide technical and organisational assistance.

An updated agenda (07 May) and some additional information - all in Polish language only - are available for download in zip file from the address https://www.dropbox.com/s/gzj7q6w2ychekmg/bezzalogowce_konf-gdynia-20140606_updated-doc_20140522.zip .


  • At the Polish-language site Systemy bezzałogowe & prawo you can find one brief report in English language from a seminar in Paris earlier in 2014 we attended.


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