Central and Eastern European Initiative for International Criminal Law and Human Rights is an independent non-profit organisation created to assist and strengthen efforts directed towards the elimination and prevention of gross human rights abuses in Central and Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. The Initiative also seeks to contribute to the delivery of international criminal justice in the region in a systematic and fair manner consistent with international best practice.

The Initiative supports public institutions, non-governmental organisations, civil society entities, and professional groups, in particular young experts, on substantive, practical and technical matters related to Human Rights Law and International Criminal and Humanitarian Law. Its activities include inter alia:

• Disseminating key knowledge, methodologies and skills to relevant actors for the effective handling of human rights violations;
• Developing tools and procedures for the documentation, research and advocacy of human rights issues;
• Raising awareness of human rights violations and breaches of International Criminal and Humanitarian Law in the region;
• Promoting and raising awareness on the work of the International Criminal Court and its Rome Statute in the countries of the region.

The ICLHR Initiative operates in co-ordination with the Case Matrix Network. Several of its projects are based on the activities, models and strategic objectives of the Network.

The Central and Eastern European Initiative for International Criminal Law and Human Rights was established in Poland in July 2011. It is a foundation with seat in Warsaw at Chmielna st. 2/31, postal code 00-020. Register file is available at the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, Economic Department XII of the National Court Register (for the Downtown district - "Śródmieście"). National Court Register No. (KRS) 0000391821, tax ID (NIP) 5252524834, statistical No. (REGON) 145867399. Here you can consult our statute.



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